Lily is Smart Data, at Scale, made Easy.

Lily is a data management platform combining planet-sized data storage, indexing and search with on-line, real-time usage tracking, audience analytics and content recommendations. It's a one-stop-platform for any organization confronted with Big Data challenges that seeks rapid implementation, rock-solid performance at scale, and efficiency at management.

Lily unifies Apache HBase, Hadoop and Solr into a comprehensively integrated, interactive data platform with easy-to-use access APIs, a high-level data model and schema language, flexible, real-time indexing and the expressive search power of Apache Solr. Best of all, Lily is open source - allowing anyone to explore and learn what Lily can do.


Lily adds the missing bits any Big Data engineer will encounter when trying to combine Apache HBase and Solr into an interactive data management environment:

  • ease of use through a high-level schema supporting rich and mixed, structured and unstructured data sets
  • a developer-friendly, powerful and expressive REST and Java API
  • a flexible, configurable indexing system supporting real-time indexing into Solr

Under the hood, Lily operates a high-performant yet robust queuing mechanism, the Lily SEP, that allows for additional integration of Apache HBase with external processes.

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Lily builds further upon Hadoop, HBase and SOLR. It wraps these leading-edge Apache Software Foundation technologies into an open source, easy-to-use, all-in-one solution bringing Big Data storage, indexing and search to the enterprise.

Lily runs well with Cloudera's Distribution for Hadoop. For CDH or Cloudera Enterprise users, Lily Enterprise easily installs on top.

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