What is Lily Data Repository?

Lily Data Repository (Lily DR) is a scalable repository for storing, searching and retrieving records (or content items, documents, objects, ...). It is a distributed server application that fuses Apache HBase and SOLR and is designed to be used by front-end applications (CMS, DMS, DAM, ...) using the Lily API (Java or REST).

Lily Data Repository is the open source component of the Lily consumer intelligence solution.

Getting started

To install Lily DR and give it a quick spin, see Running Lily. To get an overview of all available documentation, have a look at our sitemap.

Printing tip: to print an individual document, change the .html extension in the URL to .pdf.  If you prefer to have all documentation in a large PDF, go to

 This is the documentation for Lily DR 2.0. The documentation for other releases can be found through our documentation service.