What is Lily ?

Lily is a scalable content repository for storing, searching and retrieving records (or content items, documents, objects, ...) It is a distributed server application that fuses Apache HBase and SOLR and is designed to be used by front-end content applications (CMS, DMS, DAM, ...) using the Lily API.

Getting started

To install and run Lily, see Running Lily. To get an overview of all available documentation, see site contents.

Printing tip: to print an individual document, change the .html extension in the URL to .pdf. To print a collection of documents, choose 'Document Basket' in the Tools menu, select 'Select documents from the navigation tree', select the documents you want to print, and then choose 'Get documents aggregated as PDF'.

This is the documentation for Lily 0.3. The documentation for other releases can be found through our documentation service.