What is Lily ?

Lily is a scalable content repository for storing, searching and retrieving records (or content items, documents, objects, ...) It is a distributed server application that fuses Apache HBase and SOLR and is designed to be used by front-end content applications (CMS, DMS, DAM, ...) using the Lily API.

This is the documentation for Lily 0.1. The documentation for other releases can be found through our documentation service.

Work in progress

A packaged Lily release is not available yet. However, Lily source code is readily available.

Currently there is already some basic functionality:

  • a runnable Lily setup
  • the basic client/server infrastructure
  • the content repository model implemented in HBase
  • a mapping between HBase-stored Lily records and SOLR indexing/schema configuration
  • a WAL/queue implementation, backed by HBase, that serves as a robust mechanism to pass information between HBase and SOLR

We are still working on:

  • the distributed setup: currently you can only run a single Lily node (which connects to a distributed HBase setup if you want)
  • making what is already there solid and functionally complete

For your information, the Lily roadmap is available from Trac.

To get Lily installed, see Running Lily. To get an overview of all available documentation, see site contents.