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  • @ Devoxx 2010

    Last week Antwerp (devoxx)  was the place to be for sensing the pulse of the Java community. The annual great European Java-developers-feast was again a joyful get-together of Java-enthusiasts, great speakers, and other smart people.  The formula and the venue (great speakers, even greater scree...

  • Conference season: NoSQL and REST ahoy!

    Conference season is heating up rapidly in the next few weeks. Or rather, it seems like we're onto something with this NoSQL/HBase/SOLR/BigData thingy, to the extent that all the pieces of the puzzle are falling together quite nicely. Hurray! Next Monday, I'll be (very briefly) presenting Lily t...

  • Daisy 2.4 and Kauri 0.4 on track for new releases

    With all the noise going to Lily these days, lest not forget our continuing development of Daisy and Kauri, the former an inspiration for the content model behind Lily, the latter providing the runtime environment. Daisy and Kauri both saw a release candidate in the past few weeks, to which you'...

  • EBNF Diagram: Railroad diagrams for syntax documentation.

    After an early - perhaps a bit too early - release of Kauri 0.3 last year, we're hard at work preparing a much better 0.4 release which should lead us more swiftly to a final 1.0 version. One important aspect we really are focusing on for 0.4 is (much) better documentation, something our colleag...

  • Kauri 0.3 sees the light at Devoxx

    Yesterday, we presented Kauri 0.3, our take at Java-based RESTful web application development for a full room of Devoxx attendees in Antwerp. It was great fun seeing the many hours of Kauri development finally coming together. Kauri 0.3 is now in a usable state for a wider audience: check out w...


  • Kauri 0.4 is planned for August 2010: expect loads of new stuff and massive improvements of the documentation!
  • 27/jan 2009: Kauri 0.3.1 released.
  • 8/dec 2008: Kauri 0.3 is released at Devoxx in Antwerp!