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Kauri is made available under the Apache Open Source License.

What is Kauri

Kauri is a new holistic web application development framework targetting development teams working on the Java platform. Its target audience is the entire team: wireframe/UI experts, web design people, and Java front- and back-end developers. The goal of Kauri is to provide something useful for the entire development team, by making sure that efforts at all stages and by all actors will find their comfort zone in a Kauri-based project. At the same time, Kauri provides the necessary plumbing and tooling (i.e. modularization) to cater for large projects, worked on by large(r) development teams.

What we believe

There's a common understanding that the difference between a Good and a Great software developer can be tremendous. Many web development frameworks in Java cater for those Great developers, who can change frameworks on a whim, or prefer rather to build their own framework. We recognize the fact that a typical development team consists of a variety of roles, and that Kauri should care about the needs of every role in such a team. That means that Kauri is easy to use for mundane tasks, however doesn't shield away all the complexity behind a paper wall of easiness one quickly falls through when trying to pick above the low-hanging fruit.

Kauri is also inspired by the base foundations of the World Wide Web at large: Kauri is a ReST-based development framework.

This set of pages are community edited and together aim at giving you a firm understanding of what this project is about, as well as it helps us share documents (design proposals, random thoughts or futuristic ideas) between all members of the project.

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