Daisy's own website runs on a live Daisy instance.

Daisy is in use by many companies and organisations, often as an internal knowledge management tool. Below some cases are listed of public sites that we are aware of.



intergator screenshot


A website using Daisy on the backend, but with a custom frontend build using the Cocoon Portal and Daisy's Publisher component.

screenshot bios


Uses skinning to provide a custom look for their website.

cocoon screenshot

Apache Cocoon

Cocoon has started using Daisy to manage its documentation, instead of plain XML files in an SVN repository.
The Daisy website (meant for documentation editors and contributors) is on:

The actual website is published from the Daisy content using a Daisy plugin for Apache Forrest, illustrating that you can easily roll your own publishing infrastructure if you need to.

Cocoon also uses the books publishing functionality:

screenshot outerthought


Outerthought, the company supporting Daisy, runs its website on Daisy using a custom skin.

Screenshot Pflanzenschutztagung

Deutsche Pflanzenschutztagung

Portal site for a biannual conference on plant protection, receiving about 1500 participants and 500 abstracts.

Screenshot XinitSystems

Xinit Systems Ltd.

Server and storage systems, customised computing solutions with emphasis on Linux and Open Source.

visitatie Sint-Janscollege Visitatie Basisschool


Veld & Duin, camping Bredene, België

duurzame_mobiliteit Duurzame mobiliteit

samueliinstitute Samueli Institute

vlerick Vlerick Management School

flanderslogistics Flanders Logistics

screenshot maatschappelijk verantwoord ondernemen Maatschappelijk Verantwoordelijk Ondernemen

oaais University of California, San Francisco Central IT department

nexusalpha screenshot nexus alpha

by Mark Horgan

screenshot schaubroeck Schaubroeck nv

centr-screenshot CENTR
scsolutions-screenshot SC Solutions

uscert-screenshot Build Security In screenshot

A Rocha, an international nature conservation organisation

Other Daisy sites by AR with different designs:

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