2.1 TO 2.2 CHANGES


Translation management + translation import/export

We've added a bunch of translation management functionality. See also the documentation.

  • New document model attributes to help keeping track of whether languages are in sync:
    • on document: referenceLanguage
    • on version: change type (major/minor), synced-with (language-version couple), version comment (nothing todo with translation management)
  • Front-end changes:
    • version overview page:
      • show new attributes and allow to edit them
      • allow diffing between arbitrary versions
    • document editor: allow to set reference language, synced-with and change comment
    • New 'translation management' page (Tools -> Translation Management)
    • Redesigned the 'document info' popup (Actions -> Document Info)
  • Import/export tool:
    • added a special 'translation management' import/export mode to allow exchanging content with translation agencies.
    • import tool now allows to set the new version comment and change type (configurable in the import options). Export/import of the new reference language attribute is supported.
  • site definition: new defaultReferenceLanguage configuration
  • daisy-wiki-add-site: added the possibility to perform a multi-language setup
  • Query language: new identifiers and conditions specific to translation management:
    • last/liveMajorChangeVersionId
    • referenceLanguage, referenceLanguageId
    • LangInSync, LangNotInSync, ReverseLangInSync, ReverseLangNotInSync
    • syncedWith, syncedWith.versionId, syncedWith.language, syncedWith.languageId

Finegrained (partial) read access

The ACL model has been extended with 'read access details' that allow to give partial read access to documents. For example, this way you can allow a user to see a document exists, but deny access to its fields and parts.

  • Related changes:
    • the 'read live' permission has been removed and has become a read access detail. This is a backwards incompatible change, please review the compatibility notes if you are making use of this feature.
    • result set rows, document nodes in navigation trees, and links inside documents are annotated with information about the permissions the user has on the document.


  • Custom field editors: like part editors it is now possible to add your own field editors to the document editor.
  • Query language:
    • new 'variants' identifier: exposes the available variants of a document as a multi-value identifier. The usual multi-value conditions like has none/all/any can be used with this. Among other things, this solves the lacking "HasVariant" functionality.
  • Books:
    • allow to specify the publisher request set to use by means of a book meta data property called publisherRequestSet.
  • Publisher:
    • p:prepareDocument: you can now configure for which element-attribute pairs link annotation should happen. The out-of-line links (d:link/@target) are now annotated by default.
  • Import/export tools:
    • Dates in the export format are now in timezone GMT+00:00, instead of the system time zone.
  • Added email notification for when the live version of a document changes. These notifications are send when you are subscribed for document-related notifications.
  • When creating a new variant manually in the wiki, and the variant is not initialized with the starting variant, then copy the collections of the starting variant anyway (just like the document name and document type are also initialized from the existing variant).
  • HTML cleaner:
    • drop content of style and script tags (if they are not allowed by the HTML cleaner config). This fixes the problem whereby copying content from OpenOffice leaves a bunch of CSS in the document after cleaning.
  • Upgraded to a new version of Apache POI, the library used for extracting content from MS Word and MS Excel files.
  • Improve the "There is no site named 'xyz'" messages. Daisy now first checks if there is a site with that name, if not, it gives a normal 404 Not Found error.
  • Added support for the favicon.ico and robots.txt files.
  • Variants: creating a new variant on an existing document now only requires read access to the start variant, previously it required write access to the start variant.
  • Made continuations session-bound by default.
  • Auto-site switching: drop branch and language request parameters if they are not needed anymore.
  • Password reminder: instead of immediately sending a new password, send a mail with a link to reset the password.
  • Grouped the actions in the document actions menu by adding some separators. Added a separator between the Edit and Delete actions to avoid the Delete action to be too easily selected.
  • Document and variant deletion: added confirmation dialog.