1.3 TO 1.3.1 UPGRADE

What's new

This release adds the ability to configure which external URL inclusions authors can do in documents. See Include Permissions and the email describing the related security issue. This is the only change in this release.

After upgrading to this release, you will need to configure the include permissions, as described in Include Permissions, if you are currently using external includes.

Upgrading -- quick

Since there is just one little change in this release, you can also do the upgrade as follows:

Download daisywiki-frontend-1.3.1.jar from http://svn.cocoondev.org/dist/daisy/patches

Copy the downloaded file into this directory:


Remove the following file:


Restart the Daisy Wiki.

Upgrading -- full

Before starting

Shutdown Daisy (the Repository Server, the Daisy Wiki, and the OpenJMS server)

Make backups! More specifically:

  • make a copy of the daisy data directory
  • do a dump of the database:
    mysqldump daisyrepository -uuser -ppassword > daisyrepo.sql

Copy over the old configuration

  • Copy <OLD_DAISY_HOME>/openjms/config/openjms.xml to <NEW_DAISY_HOME>/openjms/config/openjms.xml
  • Copy <OLD_DAISY_HOME>/daisywiki/webapp/daisy/sites/* to <NEW_DAISY_HOME>/daisywiki/webapp/daisy/sites
  • In <NEW_DAISY_HOME>/daisywiki/webapp/WEB-INF/cocoon.xconf, adjust the following passwords with the values you can find in <OLD_DAISY_HOME>/daisywiki/webapp/WEB-INF/cocoon.xconf:
    • Adjust the password for openjms user (if not left to default): <credentials password="openjms" username="admin"/>
    • Adjust the password for "internal' user: <cacheUser login="internal" password="defaultpwd"/>
    • Adjust the password for the "registrar" user: <registrarUser login="registrar" password="defaultpwd"/>
  • If you created any document type-specific stylesheets, you can copy them over also.
  • If you developed a custom skin(s), you can copy it over also.

Edit <DAISY_HOME>/openjms/bin/setenv.(sh|bat), uncomment the line defining the CLASSPATH and put the MySQL driver in the CLASSPATH, which can be found at (substitute DAISY_HOME by its actual location):


Start the servers

Start OpenJMS, the Daisy Repository Server, and the Daisy Wiki.

If necessary, first update the DAISY_HOME and OPENJMS_HOME variables to point to the location of the new Daisy version.